exposure therapy
with virtual reality

virtual reality
Graded Exposure Therapy

Virtual and augmented reality exposure therapy is temporarily unavailable due to the COVID-19 pandemic, as it is not possible to wear a protective mask at the same time.

What is virtual and augmented reality therapy?

It is a rapid method of desensitising the mental state stimulated by particular real-life conditions through safe and gradual exposure to similar – but controlled – virtual reality and augmented reality conditions.

  • Our clinic conducts original scientific research in treatments that use gradual exposure through virtual reality.
  • We use our own virtual reality material with is produced in house, specially for our patients in Greece .
  • For the composition of our material we record real environments in Athens and elsewhere, with 3D, 360 degree, high resolution technology in order to create an immersive experience of high fidelity.
  • The gradual exposure of our patients is implemented with our material, using a special algorithm and discussion about the trigerred thoughts, feelings, symptoms and safety behaviors. The treatment is based on the principles of Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy.

Who is it for;

We use this method as adjunct in the treatment of selected cases:

  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Social phobia
  • Agoraphobia
  • Panic Attack Disorder

And as an exclusive treatment in cases such as:

  • Specific phobias (zoophobia and insectophobia, phobia of blood sampling and other medical examinations, phobia of weather phenomena, earthquake phobia, claustrophobia, car phobia, aerophobia, roof phobia and acrophobia, etc.)
  • Stage fright, linguophobia, public speaking or performance phobia

The sessions take place
in our clinic.

The exact composition of the treatment and its extent is decided by the doctor after examination. The method is not suitable for patients with:

  • A history of epilepsy (idiopathic and hereditary or secondary to head injuries, tumors, etc.)
  • History of paroxysmal vertigo
  • History of cybersickness (known as nausea after watching digital content or using other simulation applications)

What is included;

Treatment begins with your doctor taking your medical and psychological history. The doctor plans the treatment with you. It includes:

  • Laboratory Tests
  • Exposure sessions, weekly or biweekly, in selected virtual reality environments
  • Biometric and psychometric recordings during sessions
  • Exercises for home or outside
  • Action plan to maintain the outcome and prevent relapses

The exposure sessions, biometric and psychometric recordings are applied by our specialized staff in our clinic.


International scientific research supports and documents the effectiveness and safety of this method in the treatment of an increasing number of clinical diagnoses.

Its application in selected cases, either as monotherapy or as adjunct to another treatment, can have substantial results that dramatically improve your quality of life in a short time.