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We work with companies, institutions and organizations to train their executives in group sessions on mental health management such as:

  • Challenges of adapting to sudden changes in the work environment
  • Burnout
  • Anxiety and mood disorders
  • Social phobia and stage fright
  • Reduced efficiency in sales environments
  • Interpersonal conflicts and difficulties in cooperation
  • Economic uncertainty
  • Balancing family with professional life
  • Self-improvement


We advise businesses, institutions and organisations with strategic proposals:

  • To develop their corporate social responsibility (promoting a cause, corporate philanthropy, volunteering, socially responsible practices)
  • To improve their operating organisation (optimal allocation of human resources, optimal production process flow)
  • For crisis management (analysis and risk management of public profile and relations, connecting to stakeholder groups)
  • Mental health wellness of staff

How we address your needs

We aim for a comprehensive and long-term supportive relationship with you:

  • We work with small or large groups of your executives in person or remotely (online)
  • We organise interactive corporate seminars and presentations (with discussion)
  • We share take-home customised material for each presentation in digital format at the end of each presentation
  • We provide corporate packages to self-help programs, support groups and ongoing counseling services through our CureClass platform and app (web, iOS and Android)

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