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Ηρεμιστικά & υπνωτικά: Ο ψυχίατρος Δημ. Παπαδημητριάδης στον ANT1
02 December 2018
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Κατάχρηση αντικαταθλιπτικών & ηρεμιστικών: O ψυχίατρος Δημ. Παπαδημητριάδης στον ΑΝΤ1
21 October 2019

Withdrawal from Xanax
and other anxiolytic & hypnotic medicines

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Take Your Pills: Xanax | Official Trailer | Netflix
25 November 2022

Documentary about other users’ experiences: Netflix: “Take your pills: Xanax

Sedatives/anxiolytics or hypnotics create a very special relationship with your body, especially if you have been taking them for many months or even years. For this reason, withdrawal from drugs such as Xanax is a special process that often requires a substitute in order to be completed properly.

Do not attempt to discontinue these medications without consulting a psychiatrist, either through a gradual reduction or abruptly. We can assist you in your personalised and safe rehabilitation by appointment, either in our office or remotely (online).

Anxiolytic & hypnotic drugs, such as Xanax, are addictive.

In addition to the well-known side effects of chronic abuse, they act as mental crutches. Because they initially pacify the problem, they gain your trust, they become neutralized in your consciousness and become indispensable to you. But in the long term they worsen the symptoms for which you originally took them (with or without a prescription) and certainly do not cure the cause.

Withdrawal from medicines such as Xanax (Xanax) is an imperative action in the rehabilitation of anxiety and mood disorders.

απεξάρτηση από το Xanax (ζάναξ) και τα αγχολυτικά - ηρεμιστικά φάρμακα